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 [ATS] Freightliner FLD v2.0 (updated) 1.32.x
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[ATS] Freightliner FLD v2.0 (updated) 1.32.x

This version has the same files as the current 1.31 version so PLEASE do not use both versions on same profile or conflicts will happen. Only use while on ATS 1.32 Open Beta and best on a 1.32 profile that only used for the open beta.
Authors: odd_fellow, Harven, Lucasi, Pauly

odd_fellow, Harven, Lucasi, Pauly

  • Fake
    2018-09-08 11:12
    Mod from 2015. Upload by the goat ULTRAMODDY
  • Fake
    2018-09-08 17:25
    I myself am the greatest fucking thief fly5656 aka mods_ats and other various names so don't listen to my shitty words
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