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 Improved licence plates v1.3
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Improved licence plates v1.3

Changelog 1.3:
- Added OR fonts
- Added NM font
- Tweaked scale and position for NV, AZ

This is a simple mod that replaces truck and trailer plates with their appropriate commercial motor vehicle variants, and corrects the serial formats of these plate series.

States Included
Arizona - Apportioned truck plate, colour, position and general serial format corrections
California - Apportioned truck plate, permanent trailer plate, and general serial format corrections
Nevada - Apportioned truck plate, permanent trailer plate, colour and general serial format corrections; extended passenger plates to include recent serial formats; custom font
New Mexico - Apportioned truck plate, permanent freight trailer plate, and serial format corrections

Special Thanks
Art - Reference photo for current-issue California Apportioned plate

What this mod doesn't do
This mod doesn't increase the resolution of the license plates. There are three reasons for this: First, it would require reconfiguring the UI template that generates them (doable, but obnoxious). Second, it would require remaking the font template (doable, but very time consuming). Lastly, and most importantly, each increase in texture size would quadruple the amount of texture memory used by license plates.


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