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Custom 53ft ownable trailer 1.39
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Custom 53ft ownable trailer 1.39

Custom 53ft ownable trailer for American truck simulator
fixed fenders and materials
updated 1.39
Credits: renenate


  • Scratchy
    2020-10-25 12:16 Send message
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    Very nice trailer but it is a pity that no lighting is available at the specified custom points.
  • Renenate
    2020-10-25 15:58 Send message
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    light pack for fenders https://sharemods.com/49kqy2iypogz/flatline_lights_renenate.rar.html
  • Scratchy
    2020-10-25 16:11 Send message
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    Thank you very much
  • Danmiller04
    2020-11-17 17:30
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    This is great. But it has three problems.The three problems what I saw;- The logos have errors to the doors of trailer rear.- No logos, for example "Wide Load", "Long Load", or so to the doors of trailer rear.- Only Flatline Lights, and not Boreman LED Marker Lights Pack or other lights. Why only these?
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