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2019 Uncle D CB Chatter mod v1.33b
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2019 Uncle D CB Chatter mod v1.33b

So, here you go drivers, as I promised for the new year, your 1st in a line of brand new CB chatter file just over a hour long. I only post these to 3 SCS mod sites so if you see em else where thanks whoever shared em but this site is one of the 3 sites I use. You'll never see these chatter mods in the workshop as the workshop only uploads mods to your "mod" folder, my CB chatter mods will always go in your "music" folder.  As always with my CB chatter mods, WARNING FOLKS, ADULT LANGUAGE!!! these files are not intended for younger SCS drivers or sensitive listeners, and if you know how REAL truckers talk on their cb's then you already know. (no I will not censor playback) This mod is simply a studio edited MP3 file and you will place in your SCS “MUSIC” folder not “MOD” folder and play with your in cab radio playlist ok. Other than that enjoy em drivers, got plenty new ones coming this year and keep on trucking and keep on talking @#[email protected] on dem radios out there drivers!

“Uncle D”
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  • Ritrucker
    2019-01-05 03:56 Send message
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    Thank ya, driver. Love listening to the CB in my truck, and this helps when I'm playing ATS. Always better than listening to the radio, especially when you get out to the midwest. Some crazy people out there. Lol
    • Darnellm09
      2019-01-30 13:21 Send message
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      Your very welcome driver, and as I was a real CDL truck driver the BS on the CB used to crack me up and keep me woke on those late night hauls, new file gonna drop today, stay tuned!
  • James
    2019-01-05 23:30 Send message
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    Thanks for the cool mod !!!there used to be a live stream of the CB channel that you could listen to and that was awesome but for some reason that stream no longer works , the music channels work but not any of the police channels or CB ones .
    • Darnellm09
      2019-01-30 13:18 Send message
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      Yeah I'm sorry bud, the sites that stream those radio stations started tripping with the stream url's and now the ones they have are so long the SCS radio won't read the url's so it's back to these pre-recorded files till I can find some new decent stream sites but right now there's nothing out there new.
  • Biscut
    2019-01-11 00:54 Send message
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    hey Uncle D, I Ain't Got no Panties on. lol
    • Darnellm09
      2019-01-30 13:14 Send message
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      hahahahahahahahahahahaha smdh!
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