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VOLVO NH12 2004 for ATS (2in1) 1.31.x
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VOLVO NH12 2004 for ATS (2in1) 1.31.x

Updates for ATS 1.31.x in comparison with ETS2:
- Dump truck and regular truck separated in two different models.
- Fixed truck part glitches like BDF dumper mudguard for regular chassis.
- Fixed cabin/interior appearance - now both truck versions can wear only right cabin/inerior set.
- Updated licence plate from Iranian to Brazilian for Brazilian market(tested on default and Mario maps).
- Each model have his own spot at Volvo dealer(Volvo dealer you can find at Tucson, Las Vegas for default maps).
- Added more engines and more transmissions.

NOTE: Read mod description in mod manager for detailed information.

Mahyar Ghasemi, Adapted for ATS vasja555

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