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Trailer Oversize Evolution v1.0.0
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Trailer Oversize Evolution v1.0.0

Trailer Oversize "Evolution"
Tested 1.0.0

Solaris36, Fred Be, Benben, SlavikSD

  • Drumnik
    2016-02-04 12:00
    Could i can use whis mod in ETS2 ???
  • Bibii
    2016-02-05 13:27
    Hello, it seems great but how goes it work, we have mission with this the trailer or we need to buy it and just drive ?
  • Pablo
    2016-02-06 16:41
    hi just to let you no with the airbus trailer and the train trailer you can not get under some road signs on the motorway ,but like the heavy loads
  • Zack
    2016-02-07 07:58
    Hi GUEST when I play the game there are non of these trailer HELP plz
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