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Real company logo v1.0
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Real company logo v1.0

Mod changing company logos and skins at trailers for painting real companies.
Mod testing and working on v1.1.1

Walbert - Walmart
Voltison Motors - Tesla
Gallon Oil - Texaco
Sell Goods - FedEx
Chemso - Chevron


  • Cosreski
    2016-03-06 19:55 Send message
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    Please use the ModHub Download hub please..........That one your using causes virus's.
  • Zoran
    2016-03-07 13:22 Send message
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    The mod is great but it be good to make only company names without trailers beacuse we all have plenty trailers mod installed
  • Fudoido
    2016-05-02 21:58 Send message
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    Zoran, in part i agree with you, there are alot of trailer mods around, but then i have to say that its better to have trailers from the companies ingame than other brands. its a matter of choice.Satan, hope you get the mod bigger as you did with ETS2, great work again mate :)
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