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ATS Real Traffic Density and Ratio v1.34.b by Cip
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ATS Real Traffic Density and Ratio v1.34.b by Cip

changelog v1.34.b
- added a few rules to increase safety
- added sound tweaks; this updates is rather relevant for fans of my Real Ai traffic engine sounds

- it was designed to create a realistic traffic density taking advantages from the latest traffic system implemented by SCS starting in game version 1.29
- with this mod, ATS receives a personalized density and ratio set at default g_traffic 1. it takes into account all game features from 1.29: spawn and ratio by daytime, type of roads, city size, density and ratio being set according to the game time scale
- thanks to SCS I was now able to set for example more cars and buses in cities and more trucks on freeways, or more cars at rush hours
- the semaphore profile contain two little modifications, allowing more green time at road works semaphores and globally 3 seconds on yellow instead of 2 (from green to red)
- support for Mr Larrington's  traffic mod has higher priority.


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