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Peterbilt 377 v19.09.18 1.32.x
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Peterbilt 377 v19.09.18 1.32.x

Changes v19.09.18:
- Updated for version 1.32.


- Standalone
- Three cabins
- Different chassis
- Various engines and transmissions
- Own interior (two options)
- A lot of painting and painting of metallic
- Various accessories: mirrors, driver plates, cab lights, sun visor, grille, tanks, exhaust systems, wheels and so on...
- Own sound
- Support DLC Steering Creations Pack(fix for combining in the archive)
- Support skins (template in the archive)

guidot (bake, daycab, multiple edits)
KW_Driver (Transmissions)
Kreichbaum (Sounds)
BK Vissers (testing)

  • Stolen
    2018-09-20 16:22
  • Ritrucker
    2018-09-20 16:56
    A. Old, non updated version.B. You had no right to release it. C. Fuck you, asshole. D. See A thru C.
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