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Coast to Coast Map - Re-scale Beta Patch 3
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Coast to Coast Map - Re-scale Beta Patch 3

Re-scale  Update

First file  Coast to Coast map
Second file  Small patch to fix the issues identified so far, give it higher priority in the Mod manager:  Patch 3.0

Test on version 1.5


  •  matt
    2017-01-04 11:04 Send message
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    running from miami to texas theres a hill that goes too steep truck just dies on it an you can't do nothing.up on I80 in iowa i ran across a bridge barrier in midde of road that you see as soon as you start down hill no time to avoid but this one may have been on the scenery pack for i 80 first one though definetly a coast to coast issue. can't say though where i was except somewhere in mississippi it was so dark i missed alot of signs.
  • Eaglemangt
    2017-01-07 07:51 Send message
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    Matt is correct, and to pin point the hill, it's between Dallas, TX and Jackson, MS on the I20. I am running the Viper2 Pete with an 840HP Cat 15speed eaton was hauling a 24.5ton flatbed load and had to pull it at 9mph second attempt. Crested the hill, clicked it to neutral and coasted to 132mph. It's a big ass hill!
  • Eaglemangt
    2017-01-07 07:52 Send message
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    Also this particular download link (as of Jan. 7, 2017) is NOT the Patch 3.0 this is wanting me to download the [email protected]_Re-scale.scs, I already have that and Beta Patch 2.0 Please check the link and redirect to the Patch 3.0Thanks
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