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GREAT AMERICA v1.3.5 1.37
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GREAT AMERICA v1.3.5 1.37

VERSİON 1.3.5:
- North platte,ogallala,scottsbluff added.
- 400 mile(800 km)new high quality and biom road added to nebraska.
- Wyoming ımproves added(bridges,signs,landmarkings).
- Nebraska road signs will be added in next update.
- Nebraska is more detailed than my old works ı try always ımprove my map qualıty.
- I have little problem with my antique processor ıf you wanna support me you can premıum download ın share mods and support my work
- I-80 nebraska route is poor quality ı rework this road(cheyenne-north platte) next update.
- Next update ı complete all nebraska,ı wanna complete 2 state in april nebraska and surprıse country.


  • @mapper
    2020-03-28 23:48
    1 5
    i stopped downloading your map long ago due to 1 FACT. And looking at these pictures one thing i can GUARANTEE YOU is, you have never been to Nebraska. Anouther make believe mapper
  • @comment
    2020-03-29 00:24
    4 1
    spoken by someone who has never done anything
  • Name
    2020-03-29 08:02
    1 4
    Upload by etheraldrain - fakemaker
  • Qbert
    2020-03-30 06:13
    1 3
    Terrible map really fucking horrible.
  • @voith
    2020-04-01 01:37
    1 2
    your just anouther copy and paste trash your using coast2coast cities and putting them in your map, lol pathetic
  • @comment
    2020-04-01 01:38
    1 2
    i bet if you look at all the other maps out there, voith is just copy and paste from a bunch of maps so sad
  • @voith
    2020-04-03 19:35
    1 1
    wish i had not been banned from forums so i could give piece of my mind regards to copy and paste map you have pathetic
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