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Mountain Roads Part 2 v1.0
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Mountain Roads Part 2 v1.0

This map is primarily aimed at those who like hilly and mountain roads, and believe that the game does not have enough hills on the default and other maps
The map is made on a standard map, can be combined with others provided that it will stand above

- 6 new towns
- Many freight depots
- Lots of hills!

The new roads can be found up north between Hornbrook and Jackpot.


  • Bugg3rnuts
    2017-07-03 15:11 Send message
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  • Ralloh
    2017-07-03 19:55 Send message
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    Please do not assume we are all geeks out here and know what to do with these files. I have no problem with SCS files, but what do I do with these SII and the other files in the package? Also, I went to the url you posted and downloaded that SCS file. Ok, so now what?
  • Ralloh
    2017-07-03 21:09 Send message
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    Ok, finally got it to work, but, it is not compatible with any other maps. I normally use Canadreams, C2C, and Viva Mexico. I was able to get this mod to show on the world map, but, it was not connected to any other existing roads. After removing the three map mods, it is now connected. Sure would be nice if you guys could include a small text file to explain this stuff, or, put it in the description.
  • Renenate12
    2017-07-04 01:12 Send message
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    does not connect with no roads
  • Guest
    2017-07-04 16:08 Send message
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    @Ralloh move zip file in mod folder
  • Ralloh
    2017-07-05 01:41 Send message
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    I'm glad I stuck with this and created a new profile to use it. OMG what an evil road. I was stuck part way through when night fell. Talk about extra challenging. Very difficult to keep your trailer from falling off the tight curves. The road reminds me of photos I've seen of roads in places like the Himalayas and Andes.Don't even attempt to use it as an alternate route and expect to make an on-time delivery. What a fun, challenging mod.
  • Jose
    2017-07-06 21:12 Send message
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    probado funciona solo con el mapa base y projet west
  • Ralloh
    2017-07-27 17:27 Send message
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    I'm on the Beta program and now find this mod is incompatible. Yes, I can go back to the regular game, but, eventually SCS will switch everyone over. In fact none of my profiles are compatible after the last update. I'm having to start over.I do hope the creator of this mod will update it to work with the latest versions of the game.
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