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Alaska Ice Road Map 1.38.x for ATS v4.0
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Alaska Ice Road Map 1.38.x for ATS v4.0

Features mod Alaska Ice Road Map:
- old map renewed;
- map is not standalone;
- beautiful landscapes, scenery;
- winter climate, dangerous ice roads;
- compatible with the latest game version 1.38

Changes in v4.0:
- Jorien & Chris family location (supplying an remote family);
- Snow is a lot more slippery now and also added snow/slip effect on the ice and in Boofish;
- fixed day and night lighting (settled the time of the year in winter, day 67);
- thanks to @Chakat Blackspots  the map got Alaska country definition and number plates;
- The mod now also has a mod manager logo ingame.

Tested on game version 1.38.x

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  • Alexxplo
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    New link DOWNLOAD: https://modsbase.com/bc6f732s6863/Alaska_Ice_Road_Map_v4.0_by_Rob_Viguurs___40_1.38.x__41__for_ATS.7z.html
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