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Alutrec Flatbed v1.1 1.36 & up
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Alutrec Flatbed v1.1 1.36 & up

Changelog v1.1:
- added hay cargo
- mudflaps now use higher quality texture
- new mudflap options (Alutrec new logo, blank, #TruckAtHome)
- Cargoes still TODO: airplane_engine, hptank, metal_coil, ctubes_l, ctubes_s

Alutrec is a small, but accomplished manufacturer of aluminum semitrailers based out of Laurier-Station, Quebec. They've been operating since 1995 and were acquired by Manac in 2018. This mod focuses on their flatbed model, as an ownable trailer in various axle configurations commonly used in Quebec and Ontario.

This mod is intended to be used with my wheel pack. Make sure you have the Wheel Pack set with higher priority than the trailer(s) in the Mod Manager. You can use it without the Wheel Pack, but the default wheels do not look good on it. For best results, use version or higher.

Download the zip file directly to My Documents/American Truck Simulator/mod. There's no need to unpack it. Enable it in the in-game Mod Manager and enjoy!

Corby - Original trailer model
SCS - Original cargo models

Special Thanks:
All of my Patreon supporters! - These wonderful people provide me with financial support each month which helps me spend more time making high quality mods like this!
50keda - 50keda for his invaluable support while learning SCS Blender Tools, and also for developing SCS Blender Tools


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