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ATS Doubles/Triples/Heavy Trailers in Traffic v1.0
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ATS Doubles/Triples/Heavy Trailers in Traffic v1.0

This is an add-on for Real Traffic Density and Ratio by Cip v1.6
the add-on is bringing in traffic all doubles, triples and heavy trailers from the Heavy cargo DLC in traffic. because traffic density files requires modifications, this add-on will only work with my traffic density mod and only with latest version

thank you Mr Larrington for implementing the doubles and triples in ATS, I only created the traffic spawn for them. for Heavy cargo in traffic thanks to Jazzycat for his old mod that I adapted for 1.30, to the new traffic system.
all trailers are free to circulate in all States.

Mr Larrington, Jazzycat, Cipinho, Alin Todor, SCS

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