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[ATS] Freightliner Cascadia 2018 v4.5.1
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[ATS] Freightliner Cascadia 2018 v4.5.1

Removed the artifact the appearance of a purple-pink metal for all trucks?!
Taken the missing files from the base game with!> 100% copy
People is the last, final release of this mod!
Please moderators delete the previous download of this mod!
Test on version: 1.30. [ATS] Peterbilt-Kenworth

Felipe Conbar

  • Felipe conbar
    2018-04-06 02:58 Send message
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  • Extremewood
    2018-04-15 10:41 Send message
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    Sir your mod is Broken I am dying to use this truck, I even paid for a skin and I am not able to use my skin seeing as your mod is crashing right out of the dealership.
  • Slimp the supertrucker
    2018-04-16 15:31 Send message
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    get the version before this
  • Rogerw13
    2018-06-27 06:57 Send message
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    Wrecked my game. Downloaded all the necessaries, crashed my game, it has never been able to load again. Got rid of the files from the mod folder. Still the game wont load. Deactivated other mods in case they somehow interfered with something else, still wont load. Any suggestions before I get mad at you.
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