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[ATS] Freightliner FLB v1.5.1 (1.28)
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[ATS] Freightliner FLB v1.5.1 (1.28)

- Standalone,
Find in Kenworth
- Your salon (several variants),
- Your sound (several variants),
- The Iveco,
- Is present in the orders of the agencies,
Different options of the chassis,engine,gearbox,
- Your skins,
- A lot of tuning.

Update version 1.5.1:
- Adjusted gear ratios for all gears in accordance with the specification Eaton Fuller (also added specific model names),
- Added a wide range of differential ratios for all gears (2.85, 3.06, 3.25, 3.55, 3.75, 4.10).
- Changed the behavior of the Parking brake with low air pressure (the valve handle will pop up),
- Added digital odometer,
- Added customizable backlight sensors
- A few minor improvements to the interior materials.

Harven,Solaris36,Sliipais,SCS Software,odd_fellow,ventyres,vitalik062.
Skins: Lucasi,Pauly

  • Papabear56
    2017-10-26 03:45 Send message
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    Just Wanted To I Love Your Modded FLB Truck Awsome Work Well Done.Is There Any Chance In The Future Of Making An Extended Frame for This Truck.I Think It wounld Be The cats meow.Anyhow Thanks for The great Job.Many Thanks.
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