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[ATS] Oshkosh Defense Hemtt A4 8x8 v1.1 1.37.x
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[ATS] Oshkosh Defense Hemtt A4 8x8 v1.1 1.37.x

Oshkosh Defense HEMTT A4 8x8 - is a military truck that was fortunately brought to ATS. Sadly this truck soon became outdated and seemed to get no attention ever sense. Mod was updated to the latest ATS 1.37.x and also compatible and with ETS2 game.

Features mod Oshkosh Defense HEMTT A4 8x8:
- standalone vehicle
- Sold by a mod dealer;
- Own interior;
- Various wheels;
- Several engines and gearbox;
- Cable support;
- buy from Peterbilt dealer

Changes in v1.1:
- Updated lights
- Fixed wipers (wipes the rain again)
- fixed cables
- lighthouse fixed
- Fixed positions of accessories for the salon
- added turn signals
- Added several additional engines
- Added additional gearbox
- several other little things fixed.

Tested on game version 1.37.x

Sergosh, vasja555

  • Name
    2020-06-17 06:34
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    Awesome truck how do i get the trailors?
  • Dogman
    2020-06-17 12:24
    1 0
    This is a great truck Thanks for updating it long overdue. Great to drive and fast too!
  • Dogman
    2020-06-17 12:27
    1 0
    This is a great truck Thanks for updating it long overdue. Great to drive and fast too! Now if we could only get that custom truck "The Phantom" upgraded to work again that would be great too!
  • Plz


    2020-06-18 00:13
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    someome plz make this for fs19 I really really want this on my farm
  • Wiskyfoxtrot21
    2020-06-18 01:19
    1 0
    so I downloaded this truck and it dose not even show up in game, I was really hopefull
  • Name
    2020-06-18 15:59
    1 0
    Whenever i try to download it and put it in my mods folder it will show up in the list of mods you have in ats but whenever i go into the game the truck dose not show up in the game and this really sucks because ive been waiting for someone to redo this mod.
  • Dogman
    2020-06-22 04:53
    1 0
    It's working fine for me guys. Check again make sure you look in the MOD Dealers to purchase the truck. I'm using it in ATS but i think you can also use it in ETS2. Also make sure you don't have any old files from the same truck still installed. After installing new mods in 1.37 exit and restart the game before use this might help?
  • Wiskyfoxtrot21
    2020-07-04 15:11
    0 0
    so I did go in to my mods folder and this is the only version I have
  • Anthony
    2020-09-05 06:54
    0 0
    its a great mod but its wierd that the model is a mix of the m983a2 and m983a4. so the a2 had the grill and radiator in the middle of the cab and the spare tire on the side and the a4 moved the grill to the sides and the spare tire to the roof plus the passenger side fuel tank should be a storage box. still fun truck
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