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ATS Overweight trailer pack v2
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ATS Overweight trailer pack v2

Tested version 1.2.x
The trailer is standalone
The trailer not in traffic
Compatible with all trailer packs
EGYPT ADDON RustyNail666 Thanks

* Respect the download link *


  • Rustynail666
    2016-05-22 22:05
    The package from Egypt is stolen.I please you, 1- not to download this2- set this link offline please
  • Rustynail666
    2016-05-22 22:08
    and the best of alL from this Thief:"Respekt the link"absolut without any words.i wonder what ppl like he, really think, to steal other ppl workand tell others: "Respekt my Link"this is ..... BOH
  • Darnellm09
    2016-05-24 18:33
    Well these don't fit on scales anyway.............
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