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ATS Real Ai Traffic Engine Sounds 1.38
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ATS Real Ai Traffic Engine Sounds 1.38

changelog v1.38.a:
- update for ATS 1.38 game version

changelog v1.37.b:
- reduced sound volume of slow vehicles
- corrected spawn of the slow vehicles
- updated sounds for classic cars
- updated sound for the most representative US cars (Mustang, Camaro, Cadillac, Ford Crown) and SUVs (Dodge Ram)
- updated sound for Subaru Impreza

Real Ai Traffic Engine Sounds mod is the most ambitious sound project for Ai traffic which has introduced personalized engine sounds for all cars, SUVs, trucks and buses of the ATS default vehicles.

With the transition to FMOD, a completely different sound system, all sounds from this mod had to be reworked and introduced in FMOD under banks and events in order to work in ATS 1.37. a large number of sounds, especially idle sounds, have been also added.

The very first version for ATS 1.38 has finally arrived after a long and complicated process of learning FMOD, experiencing, testing, changing sound values and more testing. Special thanks to Robinicus and Harven for their great help! Currently this first version of my mod for 1.37 covers all trucks and city trucks and one classic car. it is planned that more cars and SUVs will receive personalized sounds in next updates.


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