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[ATS] Redding and Albuquerque Terminal Mod v1.1
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[ATS] Redding and Albuquerque Terminal Mod v1.1

This is a company Terminal mod. It will replace the original shop, If you don’t own it buy it and upgrade it to the big garage. I only have 2 dlc maps Arizona and Nevada. feel free to improve it as this is my first mod. I have no problem with anyone improving and re uploading. I do not have the gas pump working i placed it is more a looks thing,I may change that down the road. Please let me know what you think.

Changelog 1.1:
update add
sleeping spots in parking lot
gas pumps working
some lights
stop sign



  • Donald
    2020-01-03 00:40
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    Looks good, both terminals, maybe a bit of finetung where to find the enterance, that's a bit confusing but really a very nice add-on in the gameKeep up the good wrk, what terminal is next?
  • A. nonimus
    2020-01-04 21:29
    4 0
    great mod and a huge applaus! this will be a big problem for scs software, unless they contract you! only i discovered a bug, i can't use my ownable traiers from the redding terminal/garage they don't show up after i want to use 1 of my ownables
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