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Attack on Titan Paintjob Universal
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Attack on Titan Paintjob Universal

This is a mod I made for American Truck Simulator about a year ago before the second season of 進撃の巨人 (Attack on Titan) was released. This modification features 4 paintjobs allusive to the anime series. All of them are only available for the Peterbilt 579 (Hi Rise Sleeper). These are the designs featured:

進撃の巨人 (Shingeki no Kyoyin)
Levi Ackerman (リヴァイ・アッカーマン)
Mikasa Ackerman (ミカサ・アッカーマン)
Eren Yeager (エレン・イェーガー)

This mod is also available through the Steam workshop.

Dex - untaldex.com

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