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Australia Outback Map Mod by Rob Viguurs ATS 1.38
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Australia Outback Map Mod by Rob Viguurs ATS 1.38

Story is pretty much the same as Alaska. I continue to work hard on both.
Really wanted to make an Alaska and Australia map, because there aren't many great maps of these countries and I really love making them and driving in them myself.

There are 3 files inside the Google-Drive link. ''Library'' This file is needed for both maps to run! ''Alaska Ice Road Map'' and ''Australian Outback Map'' you can chose one or both.

Map Contains:
Realistic Australian Landscape
Off Roads
Muddy Roads

Addon Map
Work On ATS 1.38

Rob Viguurs

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    2020-09-20 20:49
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    Alaska is a state not a country idiot!
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    2020-09-20 21:08
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  • Old version mod again
    2020-09-23 12:37
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    @Guy don't download this mod really old version here feel free download https://discord.com/channels/329358007232233472/343443128809947140 Rob Viguurs get more free update on same google drive and Rob Viguurs ever did not used picture and video that from fan.
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