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Australian Outback Map v1.0d
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Australian Outback Map v1.0d

Map version: v1.0d
Compatible with game version: 1.39.x

- Reworked Cooladdi.
- Reworked 3D Dirt Roads.
- Improved various environments/scenery throughout the map.
- 3D Bitumen Roads with accurate Australian common road width of 3.5m a lane.
- Improved Homeburn.
- Replaced old 3D Dirt Roads with newer one's.
- Added a lot of new signs.
- Improved a big portion of the existing signs with shadows and collisions.
- Adjusted AI traffic lanes
- Renamed Cooper Opals to Johan's Opals.
- New location: Cooper Opals.
- Improved the water crossing between Homeburn and Johan's Opals.
- Fixed vegetation collisions.
- New route between Cooper Opals and Plum's Farm.
- Fixed texture not found company logo's, on some custom company's.
- Improved performance slightly at some places.
- Added abandoned rusty car models to add bit more variation to the scenery.
- Added cargo support for Wielton NJ4 ownable trailers by Jazzycat.
- Fixed small bugs throughout the map.
- Static Koala's.

What is coming?
- Animated Kangaroo's.
- More 3D Bitumen Road variants.
- More 3D Dirt Road variants with more dirt colors.
- Further Improvement of the map.
- More routes and locations.
- More unique Australian scenery assets.
- Animated Koala's. (Hopefully)

Wish everyone a lot of fun with this update!  
Can't wait to see your screenshots and video's.

If you like please consider to make a small donation, it is always very appreciated and spend wisely for life and in the project.

If you want to get more frequent smaller updates, or if you need support/have questions, be sure to join my Discord server: https://discord.gg/8QkJzgc
You can also share screenshots/video's, talk about the map or showcase your own mod in this server.
We would be very happy to see you there!

Authors: Rob Viguurs (Main Map/Model Developer, Admin), JellAy (Model Deverloper),
xxGone_A_Strayxx (Model Developer), CrazyMango73 (Model Developer/Moderator),
Plum (Lead Moderator), Olaf J (Moderator),
DarknessEagleX (Lead Moderator), Jimmbo (Moderator), RTA Mods (locking).

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