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BWS Nuclear Waste Special Transport v1.0
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BWS Nuclear Waste Special Transport v1.0

Updated as a Special Transport load. You WILL require Special Transport DLC to work. The cutscene is botched as the trailer does not fit the dimensions of the other oversized cargo so I used the smallest load's cutscene as a replacement, which is the Mutt tires. This is only available on 3 Special Transport routes as I tried to make it so you would deliver these to reasonable places. (A load of nuclear waste would not be delivered to places like Wallbert or Bushnell Farms.)

The 3 routes are as followed:
- Santa Cruz to Santa Maria
- Gallup to Raton
- San Francisco to Fresno

***NOTE: You may have to sleep a few times to get the load to show up.

Bansheewoj, Corby, Ventyres, Peterbilt5379, Quattrophobia, B4RT, guidot, Nitrodax777

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    Fake, upload by aldimator. Mod from 11.03.2017
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    Я круиз и я еблан. Это мод для спец транспорта от 8 февраля. Чудо инвалидно-слепошарое ты.
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