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C2C Map for v1.29 2.3.3
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C2C Map for v1.29 2.3.3

C2C v2.3.3 for ATS v1.29 has been updated (DLC Version).
This mod replaces all previous versions and patches


  • Mantrid
    2017-11-27 23:56 Send message
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  • Hendricks
    2017-11-30 18:00 Send message
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  • Jamal
    2017-12-07 02:53 Send message
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    Your map has a glitch. I-76 eastbound between I-25 in Colorado and I-80 in Nebraska has a very steep hill. Can't go any farther. That area need more flattening.
  • Nemodz
    2017-12-12 00:10 Send message
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    again why dont you upload straight to modhub instead of that virus link i have a $4000 PC im not taking any risks of messing up my PC over one download link like i said before i love the map but anyone who downloads from that link is taking a huge risk of messing their PC up
  • Starpaly
    2017-12-13 07:05 Send message
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    This map is awesome! I would like to point out an issue I found though. The propane drop off area in Orlando @ the service station is blocked by a fence running down the middle of the drop off point.
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