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CanaDream Map (Update) v2.7.1 by ManiaX
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CanaDream Map (Update) v2.7.1 by ManiaX

Changes in v2.7.1:
– fixed up CanaDream a bit, mostly finishing the update to 1.32 in Kamloops (Seems ManiaX was
planning a road around Kamloops, hence the map UI signs but no roads)
– fixing a couple connection problems, namely the one in Butte, MT.
– fixed the scroll issues found in the cargo market by taking the map_data.sii and map


  • Alexcrazy
    2018-11-26 16:26
    fakelast is 2.7 from 18.11.2018
  • Old reupload
    2018-11-28 21:19
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