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CanaDream - v2.9.3 1.36
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CanaDream - v2.9.3 1.36

Changelog 2.9.3
Removed sector -0015-0015 for Shelby, MT in the Montana Expansion area
Removed sector -0008-0014 for Williston in the Montana Expansion area
Worked on Connection to Saskatchewan, Canada from Culbertson, MT

Changes in 2.9.2
Fixed some gaps, and redid a connection to CanaDream in sector -0009-0014

Changes in 2.9.1
Fix a gap on I-15 at Shelby, Montana

Changes in 2.9
Update for 1.36

Changes in 2.8.17
Fixed  of the broken road on I-86 near Rochester, NY.

Changes 2.8.16
Fixed Horrible curve near Bangor Maine
Fixed, with Mantrid's help a phantom road near Ithica, NY that was throwing errors in the map editor

Changes 2.8.15
Removed sectors from the Montana area to maintain compatibility with C2C now that Montana is in there now.
Also, removed the excessive number of sign images from the map for Canada-401 east of Detroit.

Changes 2.8.14:
Fixed bugs

Changes 2.8.12:
Fix blocker left in map on exit ramp for I-15 North on I-90 in Butte, MT going to Canada. Also Removed other blockers at that exit area.

New Version Canadream 2.9.3:

Coast to Coast map 2.10.3 minimum is REQUIRED for playing or game crash

1-CanaDream 2.9.3
2-Coast to Coast 2.10.3

compatible ATS 1.36
compatible C2C 2.10.3
add .sui system files for more compatibility with other mods

ManiaX, update ShirBlackspots

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    thank you for this, i love having canadream with coast2coast now montana all there,your the best
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    these guest links above are by mods_ats
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    afraid to leave your name as the one calling a player an idiot?? your just a trash loser and have no balls, its obvious it was you by the time stamp you POS
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    not sure why anyone would download this trash map anyway just more trash being updated by a copy and paste moron
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