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CB Radio police/fire/ems/ham (No Music Stations) v1.0
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CB Radio police/fire/ems/ham (No Music Stations) v1.0


some streams can be a little silent (less busy than others), has fire/police/ems/ham radios, AZ, CA, NM, NV, OR and WA. if they don't work (working for me) just comment which and i will try again (image for upload purposes only)

it maybe possible to add more from smaller areas in the states, my focus was the states in the game and the bigger towns/cities.

it has the following
Arizona Highway Patrol|AZ Flagstaff
Flagstaff Fire and EMS|AZ Flagstaff
Phoenix Police|AZ Phoenix
West Valley Police/Fire|AZ Phoenix
Tucson Police Dispatch|AZ Tucson
Bakersfield Police/Fire/EMS|CA Bakersfield
Fresno Police/Fire/EMS|CA Fresno
Los Angeles Police/Fire|CA Los Angeles
Oakland Police Dispatch|CA Oakland
Sacramento Sheriff/City Police|CA Sacramento
Los Angeles Renegade Repeater|HAM|
Oregon Repeater|HAM|
California/Canada/11 States|HAM|
Albuquerque/Bernalillo Public Safety|NM Albuquerque
Las Vegas and Clark County Fire|NV Las Vegas
Reno Police/Fire|NV Reno
Nevada Highway Patrol|NV Reno
Crook/Jefferson Public Safety|OR Bend|
Lincoln Sheriff/Fire/EMS|OR Newport
Portland Police/Sheriff Dispatch|OR Portland
Salem/Keizer Police|OR Salem
Lower Columbia (incidents)|WA Counties
Seattle Police/Fire/EMS|WA Seattle
Spokane Sheriff/Fire/Police|WA Spokane
Tacoma Fire and Rescue|WA Tacoma
Yakima/County Police/Fire/EMS|WA Yakima


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    shit mod
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    INFOplace in Documents\American Truck Simulator and replace the sii file (BACKUP YOURS FIRST)sort by genre so my notices goes on top. i update it every few days with refreshed streams so redownload it every few days and you will see my status if they are on or off or if im updating and if it changes then obviously i am working on it, the link will be the same https://www.dropbox.com/s/jaq60dvnk1pcvrq/live_streams.sii?dl=0
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