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COAST TO COAST (07.03.18) v2.4
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COAST TO COAST (07.03.18) v2.4

Full adaptation to patch 1.30 and DLC New Mexico.
All previous versions and fixes are removed.
Version 2.4 includes all the necessary corrections and adjustments.
Required availability of DLC New Mexico


  • Jamal
    2018-03-09 03:14 Send message
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    Dallas needs more work. Looks more like the middle of nowhere than a major city. The downtown skyline is missing.
  • Freddy jimmink
    2018-03-09 17:25 Send message
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    Dallas and Amerillo needs a lot of rework Thougt i could find it in this version,but game won't load with NM DLC
  • N737wm
    2018-03-10 07:17 Send message
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    Hey Guys like your map I have been a over the road driver for many years. I recently quit driving over the road and I kind of miss it, this really helps bring back some good memories of those days. Just a couple of miner glitches I found so far: Can't get into garage area in Huntsville to buy, hit invisible wall. Also crashes when I go to buy a Freightliner truck. Keep up the good work on the map
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