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Coast to Coast Map v2.6.2.1
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Coast to Coast Map v2.6.2.1

Full adaptation for Special Transport
Increased speed limit
Chopin & Natchitoches added to Lousiana
Author: Mantrid


  • Barry
    2018-11-20 18:36 Send message
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    watch out between bute and idaho falls - i-15, nothing but concrete walls on the road
  • Terry
    2018-12-11 20:19 Send message
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    I've got some BAD NEWS for the author...There is a NASTY BUG in your map as it WILL NOT LOAD!I am a mod user; however, my game crashed every time when using began to remove my mods two or three at a time with no change.Until I got down to just your map mod and a few jazzycat mods. It still crashed. I then removed your map leaving only the jazzycat mods and the game loaded perfectly.I think your map mod still needs some TLC I hope you can fix the problem as
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