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Coast to Coast Map - NEW VERSION v1.9
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Coast to Coast Map - NEW VERSION v1.9

There is not a lot of new stuff, The changes are as follows:
Mantrid - Tampa, Tulsa, Nashville, Wichita Falls, Springfield & Little Rock
RickPP - Key West & I-80 improvements


  • Kikegas
    2016-09-15 02:42 Send message
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    hello, there is an error on Highway 96 to Toronto route grand rapids, north of the factories of Detroit city ... the way this supposedly closed by yellow direction arrows that you send to Detroit city itself but can cross them. Correct the error. Thank you
  • Jim


    2016-09-15 09:45 Send message
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    Make America Great Again!!! TRUMP-PENCE 2016
  • Larry1127
    2016-10-19 23:34 Send message
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    the version I have of c2c map has the sign on I 5 in Sacramento to low, it crashes tractors on trailers.
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