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Coast to Coast Map - Re-scale Beta
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Coast to Coast Map - Re-scale Beta

Re-scale  Update
Test on version 1.5


  • Timothy
    2016-12-23 19:37
    Not working keeps Crashing my game
  • Ralloh
    2016-12-24 01:26
    Great Christmas present. I was really hoping this new rescale would come out soon. Missed those long hauls. Now with the new rescale, it gives long haul a whole new meaning. Hopefully Mexuscan and Interstate 10 will be following soon. Thanks for the mod.
  • Cticeo
    2016-12-24 08:56
    not bad so far made it across the map all most halfway no issues no crashes 2 hour run will continue and update
  • Ron


    2016-12-25 20:18
    still cant get to go into the game
  • Nigel
    2016-12-29 01:54
    game crash WHY
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