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Coast to Coast Map - v2.3.2 Updated 18 Nov
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Coast to Coast Map - v2.3.2 Updated 18 Nov

Coast to Coast Map v2.3.2 for Ats 1.29.x game version
C2C v2.3.2 for ATS v1.29 has been updated (DLC Version).

New version that fixes a few things including the pink buildings (see OP)


  • Mantrid
    2017-11-18 23:23
  • Mantrid
    2017-11-18 23:25
  • Mantrid
    2017-11-18 23:26
  • Ralloh
    2017-11-19 15:34
    This is ridiculous. After fighting to get this crap working, I finally figured out I can not just add it to an existing profile like I used to do with previous versions. You have to start over again with a whole new profile. So why can't this be said in the description? Why put people through this nonsense? Sometimes I wonder about the mentality of some of these mod designers. They just don't seem to be capable of communication.
  • Ralloh
    2017-11-19 16:03
    That's it. I'm done with this garbage. With some more experimenting, I found I could only get C2C to work all by itself after creating a new profile. If I then add another map, like Canadreams, it crashes. If I go back and remove Canadreams, it still crashes. It appears that Viva Mexico is the only add-on map that works correctly with the New Mexico DLC. So again, I'm done with C2C. Going to completely delete it from my computer.
  • Nemodz
    2017-11-21 11:40
    love the map but i wont dare download from those links way to many ad-viruses no thank you upload to modhub.us link or ill never download the C2C map again
  • Robert teed
    2017-12-01 06:15
    how come it always crashes when i go by a road construction site
  • Robert teed
    2017-12-01 06:16
    on c2c 2.3
  • Kmw


    2017-12-06 15:37
    NEMODZ me too. I really wanted to try this but I have had a really nasty malware/adware stuck in my browser after trying to download this. I finally reinstalled Windows to clear it and I now steer clear of those links. Modhub.us link should be used.
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