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Custom 53 trailer v1.7 1.35.x
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Custom 53 trailer v1.7 1.35.x

Mod adds a new one, based on the standard 53 'trailer, as well as one new load. Added as a completely new tuning, and tuning based on the standard, many elements of the trailer were recycled. The trailer is autonomous, the type of hitch is only one - a single trailer. Be careful that:
1) The trailer is only for purchase. Unfortunately, in freight market and traffic is not added. Maybe someday I'll do it, but I'm not sure about it;
2) All the bodies look the same, it's not a bug, it was well conceived;
3) The UV is new, skins for standard trailers will not work, but standard game skins have been adapted for this trailer. In the archive there is a template for drawing your skins;
4) Among the available skins there are skins that may contradict your opinions, beliefs, etc. etc. These skins will not be censored or deleted. I do not care that because of them you will refuse to use this mod.

- Updated for DX11. Be careful, in this mode, when using the trailer, errors will be displayed in the log::
[dx11] Unable to map attribute (v.tex_coord_2)
[dx11] Failed to create vertex input layout!
Unfortunately, I could not get rid of them, all the correction tips did not help. However, despite these errors, the mod works correctly. If you can correct these errors, I will gladly insert your fix into the mod and add it to the authors.
- Changed the position of ADR plate on the front wall, so that it does not pass through the cable box;
- Fixed a problem with the lack of dust and spray from the wheels on two chassis - with two axles in front and with the spread axles (both on standart and painted ones);
- Added new trailers manufacturers logos on the back door;
- Added two new chassis with three and two axles;
- Added new front wall;
- Clarified chromed cable box v. 4;
- Added new skins and stickers;
- Mudflaps reworked:
1) Now only the mount for mudguards is installed, the mudguards themselves are installed separately in the red slots. To see these slots, you need to rotate the camera from behind to the right.
2) Added the ability to install lamps on mounts for mudguards. Be careful, only small rectangular bulbs will look correct there!
3) Added chrome and painted mounting options for mudguards.
4) Old mudguards removed, new ones added instead.
5) Mudguards can now be put on the bumper.
6) Parts in the rear mudguards slot can now be removed.

Chris Husky (Imperator3), SCS

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    2019-07-14 17:58
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    It says its updated to dx11, but thats a lie. "despite these errors the mod works correctly". Dude, i hope you are not serious. Those "errors" will keep stacking to the point where they are going to start producing fps drops.Those errors appear because you didnt convert properly the textures to DX11. As long as you dont do that, the dx11 version will be choppy all the time. Sure, most people will be ok just playing his regular choppy verison of the game, but others like me like to pl
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