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Dalton and Elliot Extreme [1.6]
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Dalton and Elliot Extreme [1.6]

Standalone map
- Scale 1: 1
- their companies
- Own trailers

Start a new profile - specify the gaming module dalton.mbd. A game without weather is crashes.

Link 1 map
Link 2 Weather

Hawkbs, piva

  • Ralloh
    2017-04-15 04:14 Send message
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    I'm really in the dark about this mod. What is the dalton.mbd module? I've downloaded both rar files and extracted the scs files. No mbd files to be found. When I created a new profile, there was no place to specify this elusive mbd file anyway. I did put them in the mod list and activated. So now what? Is it supposed to change the appearance of the three States that come with the game? The author really needs to explain this better.
  • Ralloh
    2017-04-15 15:54 Send message
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    Oh well, screw it. I have no idea what the dalton.mbd module is. It's not in either of the rar files. Even if it was, I can not add it to a new profile because that only shows California and can not be changed. Just love these mods with no information how to make them work. I guess it's this language problem. Sorry I wasted my time and data downloading this mod.
  • Cticeo
    2017-04-17 19:39 Send message
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    it means start a new profile top left activate mod in drop down on create profile page where u pick language below that is modual drop down pick his mdb in the list
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