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Dalton and Elliot: Winter and Summer 1.30
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Dalton and Elliot: Winter and Summer 1.30

Standalone map with a scale of 1:1.

Summer and winter (2nd reference) climate options
Their companies, several own trailers, models and prefabs
Interesting landscapes, diverse landscape
The file dalton_weather.scs from Piva was updated.
Replacement of skyboxes, streams of rain; Thunder and lightning are removed in the winter version

Each archive has an archive with fixes (Dalton_Elliot_Hwy_Extreme_HOTFIX2_1.30.0.1.rar).
Select the desired option and connect above the rest of the files.
Fix for connection is mandatory!

Select module dalton.mbd


  • Adam
    2018-01-21 22:17 Send message
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    What order does the files have to be in the mod manager? It crashes the game..
  • Ralloh
    2018-01-22 22:26 Send message
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    Same here. I've tried following what little instruction is in the description (very bad at best). I've created a new profile just for this, used all the extracted files, chose dalton.mbd, and all it does is crash my whole computer.
  • Jimmy
    2018-03-14 20:29 Send message
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    It works for me. 1) be sure that you unpack the hotfix rar file, and let them overwrite. 2) when you arrange your mods by priority, be sure that the weather mod has the highest priority of any of the dalton map files
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