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DC-The Beer Store and Coors Big Pack v1
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DC-The Beer Store and Coors Big Pack v1

Hey guys,  I converted over 3 trailers and 1 truck skin to share with you all to have in ATS:

Trailers: (includes my skin and stewowe's trailer)
Coors Light
The Beer Store

Truck Skin: (includes only my skin, you need to download truck separately)
The Beer Store skin for Volvo VNL 670

The Beer Store is actually one of my combo packs that you activate together for truck AND trailer.
Remember you can only run ONE of my skinned stewowe's trailers at a time in-game.

Skins by me, David Corley;  Trailer by stewowe

Skins: David Corley
Trailer: Stewowe

  • Arthur vince
    2016-03-13 17:15 Send message
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    Awesome trailer skins!! Love it..
  • Dc-david
    2016-03-13 18:00 Send message
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    Thanks Arthur, i'm glad you like them man! :)
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