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Dorsey 48ft Refrigerator v3.0 1.39
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Dorsey 48ft Refrigerator v3.0 1.39

Version 3.0
Fixed issues with displaying skins on the trailer.
Fixed a bug in registration that caused the trailer to be defined as single-axis in downloads.
Added to quick orders and traffic thank you for your help Knox_xss.
Added nine new skins.
Some of the skins are fictional, some of the real companies.

Version 2.0
Fixed the trailer position on the saddle.
Fixed rear lights.
Added 3 new skins.
Minor fixes.

Model Dorsey 48ft Reefer Semi-trailer features,.
which has the ability to color pages and paint any color with metal and chrome.
There is a template, if you want to draw your skins, the archive is open.
It is also prohibited to alter or use trailer parts without consent and permission.
Rework for yourself everything you want.

selonik, dieseldog, scs

  • Renenate
    2020-12-15 12:28
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    hello everyone its Renenate here best thief in ATS modding community i hope you enjoy this stolen mod again along with the other stolen stuff that i always claim as my own :) i will keep them coming guys as you know im really good at it!! you guys will be able to enjoy paid mods for free from me as im the best at stealing stuff:) take care guys!
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