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Double Trailer ATS Sn4k3r Edit v2.0
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Double Trailer ATS Sn4k3r Edit v2.0

Modified advancing coupling (tell me if not working), I added new chrome wheel as asked. People with the trailer that doesn’t appear in the game should no longer have a problem since I added a new cargo. Finally, I added the paintings for different companies.

In summary what’s new:
1. New chrome wheel
2. Modified advanced coupling
3. Add paintjob
4. Add new cargo

Sn4k3r, RTA

  • Freddy jimmink
    2017-06-11 09:45
    Why did You use my modifications inYour fuckingmod? And say on ATSmods.lt they don't work?You are so pathetic as hell and if You want all credits okay shove thwm inYour tiny little asshole, and if You need need help, i will be glad to shove it the hard way in Your tiny little asshole!
  • Seb


    2017-06-11 10:25
    great mod, can you make it so you can choose the skin on the trailer before you take the job like on the old trailer.
  • Glenn
    2017-06-11 10:55
    great job on the trailers,unfortunately i can only get the 1st zip version downloaded, unable to download this one.
  • Jack
    2017-06-16 07:50
    what model is the truck and where can you get it
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