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Double Trailer ATS Sn4k3r Edit
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Double Trailer ATS Sn4k3r Edit

Add functional double trailer in the game.
Base model by RTA, converted with SCS Blender Tool.

– Standalone
– Double pivot point
– Advancing coupling
– Clean model
– Real cargo

Only for version 1.6.x

Sn4k3r, RTA

  • Csi48
    2017-06-09 23:18
    The file has NO scs.file .. how do you expect us to use this ? You need to pack this file right. right now it's useless.
  • Khaos
    2017-06-09 23:44
    Looks good, but can't get it to work. Missing scs file.
  • Rtu


    2017-06-10 00:14
  • Khaos
    2017-06-10 01:04
    Thank you RTU. I thought the game didn't read Zip files.
  • Mootill
    2017-06-10 20:49
    CSI48 you need to get a clue about HOW mods work before you spout off like that!
  • Glenn
    2017-06-11 10:41
    this is great, love these trailers thank you.
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