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Dump Truck 1.31 Compatible
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Dump Truck 1.31 Compatible

This is a fix for the Dump Tuck! This version is now compatible with 1.31 and can be simply be installed by dragging the .scs file from the download into you ATS mods folder.
If you ever want a mod fixed.

Pinga (Truck), Seeker (Fixed Code)

  • Fake
    2018-07-24 12:07
    Mod from 2016. Upload by mods_ats.
  • Monroo
    2018-07-24 14:28
    This is fake as all downloaded fashion jerk mods_ats.If you see a link to the mod nick mods_ats better not download this man brazen thief and crook.
  • Updated
    2018-07-24 16:48
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