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East Dump Genesis v1.2
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East Dump Genesis v1.2

Dro Modding Presents East Dump Genesis updated For 1.6
More updates to come in the future I have two more variants in mind I still want to add
This mod is 100% Error free In the game log if you have any problem it is most likely a conflicting mod. I only ask that you don’t re upload keep the original link. And please don’t just thank me there are alot of people who made this project possible.

Bora, William, Corey#03, Guidot, Corby, MacTen, Dro Modding | Photo Cred Kyle ATS

  • Dro modding
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  • Faelandaea
    2017-07-05 04:43 Send message
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    Any plans for this in the Steam Workshop? I use this site for Farming Sim stuff but for truck Sim I prefer Steam to keep mods up to date.
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