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Fallen Flags US Company Logos for ATS v1.5.3
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Fallen Flags US Company Logos for ATS v1.5.3

Fallen Flags US Company Logos
For ATS v1.5.3
Compiled by Mootill

This pack contains 8 logos of US Trucking Companies that are no longer in operation.

- Star Transport
- Burlington Motor Carriers
- Consolidated Freightways
- Watkins Motor Lines
- Pacific Intermountain Express
- Jevic
- Roadway
- Preston


  • Thereeferrunner
    2017-03-12 20:28
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    Hello MOOTILL just wanted to let you know that two of the companies that are in this pack are still seen on the road today. this is coming from a real life trucker. the two companies i question are 1. Roadway 2. Watkins.
  • Mootill
    2017-04-04 07:04
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    Watkins has been a part of FedEx since 2006, and Roadway was acquired by Yellow Freight, which later became YRC.So yes, they are fallen flags in the sense that they no longer exist as their own entity.
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