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Fedex Trailer Skin Pack 1.32
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Fedex Trailer Skin Pack 1.32

Fedex Trailer Skin Pack is for the trailer ownership box trailers
These trailer skins are from SCS orignal trailer files.

Fedex Trailer Skin Pack
1. Corporation
2. Custom Critical
3. Express
4. Freight
5. Ground
6. Home Delivery
7. Office
8. Supply
9. Trade

By Xample from Artistic Media
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  • Guest
    2018-09-17 22:26 Send message
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    garbage the letteres are backwards
  • Xample
    2018-09-18 12:49 Send message
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    thanks for your comment but just to let you know, I work at fedex and I see these trailers every day for 12 hours and for your info, some of them are turn that way and some are turn the other way. how about you make a mod and let me get to check it out ?
  • Xample
    2018-09-18 13:49 Send message
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  • Gues
    2018-09-18 22:59 Send message
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    dude are u retarded ? i work for fedex myself and drive real trucks ... there are not in reverse dum ass . u must not b from the u.s .... thats what happends when people that are not from the u.s make mods ... dum ass
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