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Flatbed ferbus owned ATS 1.33 mudflaps animations!
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Flatbed ferbus owned ATS 1.33 mudflaps animations!

Ferbus trailer V1.0
New base for Ferbus platform trailer adding trailer options and loads for different tastes
more than 16 charges
45 foot trailers
of 38
of 20
double articulated semi trailers of 40, 20 in glass and platform
Cerritos credits,
Juan Carlos Plata (dolly)

Para versiones del juego 1.33.xx ATS
cargas de remolques sencillos y dobles

Autor: Cerritos mods

Cerritos mods

  • Original
    2018-12-18 23:28
  • Boy van wonderen
    2018-12-19 00:07
    Unlocked FLATBED FERBUS OWNED ATS 1.33 MUDFLAPS ANIMATIONS!https://sharemods.com/j6qmyrjsezva/Ferbus_flatbed_owned_Exclusive_by_Cerritos.scs.html
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