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Freightliner Argosy Reworked v2.3.2 [1.31.x]
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Freightliner Argosy Reworked v2.3.2 [1.31.x]

New version 2.3.2 (by Lucasi)
- Made new icons to replace the generic "Freightliner" icon
- Fixed the co-driver plate reading the same as driver plate
- Added custom metallic paint
- Added new CATERPILLAR skin made by me(Lucasi)
- Steering wheel knobs in correct position now

- Standalone
- Buying in Peterbilt car showrooms
- Registered in agency orders and gallery
- Your own interior
- Your tuning
- Their sounds, engines and gears
- Added chassis 6x6 and 6x4
- Painting support + own skins
- All past changes in the history of the archive.

Tested on the versions 1.30.x - 1.31.x (Below will not work!)

stas556, dmitry68, odd_fellow, FRANK_WOT, Kriechbaum (sounds), H.Trucker, Lucasi

  • Truck
    2018-04-22 12:32
    Do kitu mod gre wywala na pulpit trzeba siÄ™ nauczyc robic mody
  • Stels
    2018-04-22 13:45
  • Tom


    2018-04-23 10:51
    This mod would be a lot better with kreichbaums sounds
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