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Freightliner Classic XL 1.36.x
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Freightliner Classic XL 1.36.x

Update from 11/12/19:
List of changes:
- Fixed mirrors for new physics (g_phys_mirrors "1")
- Added missing UV channels for painted parts (for painting metallic in DX11)
- Fixed registration of wipers (3 operating modes)
- Fixed on-board computer (there is no longer a crash from the game when entering the service station)
- Fixed outdated registration of headlights
- Fixed all errors and warnings found
- Sold at the Freightliner Auto Show (Brand Modified Dealers)
- The log is clean

Caution: When using an excessive number of parts with chrome, the FPS may drop.

Game version 1.36 (work on version 1.35 and below is not guaranteed)
- standalone
- Dealer Kenworth
- Two cabins (one cab works)
- One chassis
- Your interior
- your sound
- Works with accessory pack from SISL
- Registered in the company and agency orders

Compatible with DLC SCI St. wheels:

Update and correction for the current version of the game: Лёха72

  • Wdbames2
    2019-12-11 19:41 Send message
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    Says 1.34 in Mod Manager, but seems to work fine in 1.36. SiSL pack only works for console items, which for some odd reason, is on the passenger floor area.
  • Updated
    2019-12-14 05:29
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