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Freightliner Classic XL V2.0+ (BSA Revision) for ATS 1.38
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Freightliner Classic XL V2.0+ (BSA Revision) for ATS 1.38

Updated up to ATS v1.38 and DX11 requirments.
- Freightliner mod dealers;
- 3 cabins: 70'' Mid-Roof and Raised Roof Sleepers, 84'' Raised Roof Sleeper;
- 3 interiors with its variants;
- 8 chassis: 6X4, 8X4, 8X6;
- Engines sounds updated;
- Paintjob support;
- Advanced Coupling System support;
- Window animation support;
- Its own trailer cables;
- Its own tuning;
- Tires and Freightliner covers included;
- Freightliner steering wheels included;
- Smoke;
- DLC Steering Creations Pack + Steering Wheel Knobs included (updated 2020);
- DLC Cabin Accessories support (some items included);
- SiSL's Mega Pack v3.1 support;
- SCS Horns support;
- Warning flags and front banners included;
- Small lights included;
- Presented in Trucks Gallery;
- Added to Quick Jobs.

Skin pack for the mod is provided.

Softclub-NSK - authors of the model;
Oleg Conte, Sergej Baltazar - conversion to ETS2;
dmitry68 - some parts;
Kriechbaum - some sounds;
Ventyres - wheels;
odd_fellow, John Ruda, memes, Drive Safely, Sliipais, Nikola, Custom Truck ATS - mod development and game versions adaptation;

Used some parts and details or their elements from: RTA-Mods trucks, Freightliner FLD 120 by Anton Aronson and KW_Driver, Freightliner Classic v1.0 edited by Carlos, 1999 Peterbilt 379 EXHD v2.5 for ATS v1.5, GTM Kenworth T800 2017 (package v2 Beta) by GT-Mike and John Boyd.

Engines sound credits: Harven

Credits for skins go to: Skiner, Direct Modding, Lucasi, Wadethe3rd, Pauly,  Hounddog, Imperator3, MixaSen, TKK5050-3Chome, LucasI_, EviL, Travon, Chablo954, and to some others, whose names are absent in their mods. Some skins were made from those taken from other truck mods, after Chablo954, Pauly, Den43 and Dreamwhipz.
Thank you ALL for this awesome truck!!

BSA Junk Yard Revision notes:
- Based on Freightliner Classic XL mod V2.1 edited by Custom Truck ATS for ATS v1.4.4.2 and Freightliner Classic XL mod V2.0 Official by odd_fellow for ATS v1.5;
- Adapted: up to ATS v1.38;
- Updated: models, interior animation, engine sounds, SCI Steering Wheels DLC;
- Fixed: UI shadows, other minor fixes;
- Added: 84'' Raised Roof Sleeper with its interior, 275'', 282'' and 290'' 6X4 chassis, 273'', 282'' and 288'' 8X4 chassis, 320'' 8X6 chassis, steerable lift axle, trailer cables, multiple shadows for some details and for all the accessories, some items of cabin accessories, SCS horns support for Mid-Roof cabin, collision models for all the headache racks; license plates, side boxes and battery boxes, side straps/flares, vents and rivets for the sleepers, plastic rear fenders, lift axle fenders, roof wings for Mid-Roof variant, beacon, warning flags, front banners, smoke for all the variants of exhausts; new variants of rear lights, tanks, hood mirrors, headache racks, painted variant of airfilters and of lightbars for them, painted dash panel, SiSL's Mega Pack support, window and some others animations.
- Revised: truck, interior, accessories models and files, coupling system, collision models, shadows;
- Changed: mod structure and internal name to prevent the mixing of Classic XL with other mods on Freightliner trucks, roof of the Mid-Roof variant, powered axles.
- Deleted: redundant, unused and some irrelevant for ATS files.


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    is there a way to change the blinker speed
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