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Freightliner Coronado Modernization v1.0
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Freightliner Coronado Modernization v1.0

This is a fix for the Freightliner Coronado Modernization, so this works with version 1.30+. There is no need to download the old mod, just pop this in the mod folder and your good to go. Add Seeker on steam if you have an old mod that you want to work with the new versions on ATS.

Stas556, dmitry68, Nekit73rus , Kriechbaum, knox_xss. other: TLESgames, Idamasce, Jean-Pierre, Lucas Candido. Skins Authors: “Western Stornms Transportation Inc” – David Otto, Joe Smith “Bison Transport” – Bison Transport Bug fixes, upgrading and modification to version ATS 1.30:Seeker

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  • Seeker
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    Mod from 24.02.2016. Upload by mods_ats, dirty russian thief.
  • Alexcrazy
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    only truck dealer updated, all other files from 2015-16 with no changes
  • Monroo
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    This is fake as all downloaded fashion jerk mods_ats.If you see a link to the mod nick mods_ats better not download this man brazen thief and crook.
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